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Join today! Forgot password? Forgot username? View Access Options. Advanced Search. Bosnjak, Ph. Roerig, Ph. Kampine, M. Article Information. The sympathetic nervous system through the ages: from Thomas Willis to resistant hypertension. Exp Physiol 96 — Guyenet PG.

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The sympathetic control of blood pressure. Nat Rev Neurosci 7 — Thrasher TN.

Baroreceptors, baroreceptor unloading, and the long-term control of blood pressure. Palatini P, Julius S. The role of cardiac autonomic function in hypertension and cardiovascular disease. Curr Hypertens Rep 11 — PubMed Abstract Google Scholar. The prognostic significance of heart rate for cardiovascular disease and hypertension.

Curr Hypertens Rep 12 —9.

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Parasympathetic withdrawal is an integral component of autonomic imbalance in congestive heart failure: demonstration in human subjects and verification in a paced canine model of ventricular failure. J Am Coll Cardiol 18 — Decreased heart rate variability and its association with increased mortality after acute myocardial infarction.

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Front Neurol 2 Differential effects of 4-aminopyridine and 2,4-diaminopyridine on the in vivo release of acetylcholine and dopamine in freely moving rats measured by intrastriatal dialysis. Eur J Pharmacol — Evaluation of 4-aminopyridine and 3,4-diaminopyridine penetrability into cerebrospinal fluid in anesthetized rats. Brain Res —9. Sundaram K, Sapru H. Cholinergic nerve terminals in the ventrolateral medullary pressor area: pharmacological evidence.

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J Auton Nerv Syst 22 —8. Berg T. Peripheral toxicity of hemicholinium-3 in mice.

Canadian Journal of Physiology and Pharmacology - 70(S1):S2 - PDF

Br J Pharmacol 77 — Wassermann O. Studies on the pharmacokinetics of bis-quaternary ammonium compounds. Autoradiographic studies on the distribution of 3 H-hexamethonium in mice. Naunyn Schmiedebergs Arch Pharmakol — Google Scholar. Increased counteracting effect of eNOS and nNOS on an alpha 1 -adrenergic rise in total peripheral vascular resistance in spontaneous hypertensive rats. Cardiovasc Res 67 — Role of betaadrenoceptors in blood pressure control at rest and during tyramine-induced norepinephrine release in spontaneously hypertensive rats. Hypertension 55 — Role of catecholamines in centrogenic cardiac arrhythmia induced by aconitine.

Br J Pharmacol 36 — P-Glycoprotein mediates the efflux of quinidine across the blood-brain barrier. J Pharmacol Exp Ther — Heteromultimeric Kv1. Circ Res 89 — Role of S6 in antiarrhythmic drug binding. Circ Res 78 — Naunyn Schmiedebergs Arch Pharmacol —8. Regulation of salivary kallikrein secretion in the rat submandibular gland.

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Acta Physiol Scand — Characterization of a new kallikrein-like enzyme KLP-S3 of the rat submandibular gland. Biochem J — Front Physiol 5 Coote JH. Myths and realities of the cardiac vagus. J Physiol — Differential chronotropic and dromotropic responses to focal stimulation of cardiac vagal ganglia in the rat. Exp Physiol 88 — Haass M, Kubler W. Nicotine and sympathetic neurotransmission. Cardiovasc Drugs Ther 10 — Front Neurol 5 Plasma norepinephrine in hypertensive rats reflects alpha 2 -adrenoceptor release control only when re-uptake is inhibited. Front Neurol 3 Increased cAMP signaling can ameliorate the hypertensive condition in spontaneously hypertensive rats.

J Vasc Res 46 — The role of nitric oxide, adrenergic activation and kinin-degradation in blood pressure homeostasis following an acute kinin-induced hypotension.

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Br J Pharmacol — Cox RH. Changes in the expression and function of arterial potassium channels during hypertension. Vascul Pharmacol 38 — J Smooth Muscle Res 44 — Exercise training reverses alterations in Kv and BKCa channel molecular expression in thoracic aorta smooth muscle cells from spontaneously hypertensive rats. J Vasc Res 51 — Baroreflex sensitivity and heart-rate variability in prediction of total cardiac mortality after myocardial infarction.

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