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Many kids dream of becoming big league baseball players, but girls have only been able to wish — until Ila Borders pitched her way into the record books. Women have played baseball, but usually in their own leagues. A baseball fan since birth, Ila had a strong pitching arm and parents who encouraged her to try for her dream. She pitched well in Little League, high school, and college, working constantly to improve her strength and accuracy.

In , Ila became the first woman pitcher in professional baseball, playing for several teams in the independent North League. Includes appendix with statistics for Hank, Jackie, Fernando, and Ila. Write Review Add to favorites.

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Book Information Reading Level. The Team Player The Investigator. Glenn Stout. Good for Reluctant Readers. User reviews Have you read this book? We'd love to hear what you think. Click the button below to write your own review! Already have an account? As a result, you find yourself missing large amounts of balls, and this can only be improved through practice in the nets of the mini-game ball machine.

Opponent-hit balls are also pretty tricky to catch, making fielding a tough gig, and I found myself struggling to get "out" the opposing side though I did on occasion. The one controlling highlight I found was pitching. Though not as fun as batting itself, you do get to use hand signals, pitch at different speeds, and generally cause batting opponent mayhem. It's nicely done. Which begs the question It's very hard to get to home base unless you hit the rare home run, as the CPU seems way too strong and almost always caught the ball when I was batting.

If it wasn't for the visuals and the audio, it would have been much tougher to persevere in this game with the hope of getting further. That being said, the quality of this title is such that I'm willing to keep practicing until I get further advanced in the action. I know others have managed to conquer it, so there must be a level of dedication needed in order to truly become a competitor. Thankfully, there's so much to like about the game that the ride seems worth it.

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The attention to detail in allowing players to practice their skills is actually really neat; how often do we see that? In fact, you could argue that these practice games are almost like their OWN Lynx games, with the "Home Run" mini-game being especially enjoyable.

As it stands, the game will only truly reward the persevering player. It could have been better. Some features and nuances are absolutely outstanding, but other issues let the game down in the final appraisal.

Batter up! Graphics: 9 Sound: 8. Home Articles News Retailer List.



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